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At Wangala Primary School we are committed to maximising literacy and learning outcomes for all our students.  As a school we take every opportunity to increase our students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening, and thinking skills.  Our literacy program includes;

– A phonics-based approach as the foundation of reading, using evidence-based pedagogical practices

– Explicit teaching of comprehension strategies to ensure students understand what they read and make connections to the real world

– Language-based activities and experiences to deliberately build students’ vocabulary to be able to express themselves through speech and writing

– A strong independent reading culture

– Making the learning visible throughout the school

– Learning based on students ‘next steps’ in their learning, focused on individual learning goals utilising our school developed Victorian Curriculum ‘I Can’ statements

– regular yarn circle discussions

We prioritise the teaching of literacy with all classes having a two-hour literacy block that includes reading, writing, spelling, and speaking and listening, whilst also embedding literacy in everything we do.`