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Teaching & Learning

Wangala Primary School aims to provide each child with the opportunities to be the best version of themselves as they graduate from our school as we ‘make right’ or ‘make good’, just as our name means.

We ensure each child is learning at their own level and working on their ‘next steps’ in learning as they focus on their ‘I can’ goals in literacy and numeracy.  Our staff conference with our students around their learning and encourage and challenge them to try new things.

Our curriculum offers a range of different avenues for students to thrive in and this is celebrated for each individual, while encouraging them to try a range of different things. 

For students who may struggle with learning in some areas or may be learning beyond their years, we work with you to provide students with an ‘Individual Education Plan’ as needed that maps out the supports and adjustments your child will receive to help them grow and learn.

We are very proud to offer subjects that lean into our values.  Our curriculum is especially planned around providing life-long skills they can apply long after they have graduated from Wangala Primary School. 

Take a look at some of our curriculum areas to find out more about the exceptional teaching and learning program we offer.