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Wangala Primary School values the many and varied connections we have with groups and individuals who all contribute to the benefit of all our students.

We have a number of volunteers who provide their time to assist our students by being mentors, helping students learn and continue to grow.  Our loyal volunteers assist with our Kitchen Garden Program, rolling up their sleeves in our Café to prepare amazing meals for our weekly lunches, and digging in the dirt to help grow produce in our garden.  They also manage our library and ensure there is plenty of great books on the shelves for our students to read.

With Belmont Community Kinder across the road, our 5/6 students volunteer their time to help, playing, reading and chatting with our young neighbours.

On any one day you may see people from varied agencies that are invited into the school to provide therapies to individual students.  

Being the site for a ‘Geelong English Language Centre’ outpost, our students learn and play with new arrivals to Australia, getting to know them and helping them to develop their English language skills.