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Our Values

Our values are embedded in everything we do, as we strive for all in our community to be;


Our hope is that everyone is caring ,that we connect with others, respecting human dignity and responding with compassion.  We aim for everyone to be active listeners and be emotionally present, providing support when others need it.


To be respectful we hope that everyone accepts others for who they are, even when we don’t agree with them.  We believe respect is built on trust, safety and wellbeing.  Respecting oneself is also of the utmost importance.

Community Minded

Being community minded is to make a positive contribution, whether it be our local school community, our wider local community or on a global scale.  We aim to create individuals who explore issues and are actively involved in change for the good.

Future Focused

We aim to prepare students for a future unknown, developing the skills and strategies of each individual to navigate new paths in their life.  This involves reflecting on past actions and decisions and thinking forward to endless possibilities and new and exciting opportunities to be explored.