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During our first year officially opened as Wangala Primary School, we worked very closely with Aboriginal artist Norm Stanley to create the ‘Wangala Artwork’.  Norm worked closely with students who contributed ideas and concepts about the artwork and reflected this in the final piece.

The ‘Wangala Artwork’ acknowledges the history of the school as ‘Oberon South Primary School’, paying respect to the communities who have been part of the school represented by numerous ‘yarning circles’ showing the many communities who have been through the doors of the school during its vast history.  In the centre of the artwork features the current community, sitting around a camp fire in a yarning circle.  This has also been adopted as our school logo in a more simplified version.  Running through the middle of the artwork is a connection to the country we’re on with the Waurn Ponds Creek featured with many parents and carers sitting along the banks of the creek. 

Our logo, the ‘yarning circle’ is symbolic of our belief in community and the importance of all having an equal space at our school.  The circle nature of this logo presents many community members sitting around a campfire, or the heart of our school.

Today our ‘Wangala Artwork’ sits proudly in our foyer and is represented across our school.  You will also notice the artwork proudly presented in our uniform, setting our students apart from all others.