Physical Education

With ample space to run and move, our physical education program encompasses an initial focus on the fundamental motor skills needed for all sports and games, built around a program that encourages teamwork and participation.  Activities see the development of these skills in our early years through focus skill development activities which are practiced through fun games.  These are applied to key sports in the middle and upper years where students engage in learning the sporting rules in both team and individual pursuits.

Each classroom also explores sports each day before lunch, complementing the Physical Education learning and providing the mandated Physical Education and Sport quota each week and ensuring we create active students.

Students are also given the opportunity to attempt a number of different sports such as taekwondo right through to surfing in unique opportunities throughout the year. We also have a number of bicycles on site and offer a thorough Bike Ed program across the year.

We have been fortunate enough to take possession of our gymnasium mid 2022, after a substantial refurbishment funding through the Victorian School Building Authority. Featuring a full-size basketball court, netball court, volleyball court and four badminton courts, our gymnasium is an absolute asset for our school.

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