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Friday, 3rd November, 2023

From the Principal

Today was the final day of our two-week intensive swimming program with some very tired individuals making it to the end!  Yesterday I managed to sneak away from the school to watch the swimming and it was warming to hear how far many of our students have come during this time, reminding us why this program is so important for every student.  As I’ve mentioned before, we’re incredibly lucky to have this swimming program time, leading into our summer spell and an increase of water activities over this period.  We know that this program has provided the confidence and skills to help students during these times.  A massive thanks to Mrs Hueston for her organisation of the program, juggling groups and setting everyone up for success!  Thanks also to the Geelong Aquatic Centre for hosting us.

Next week is the school camp for students in grades three to six with an exciting camp organised to Anglesea.  Students will be off surfing, hiking through the bush, participating in adventure activities and, quite possibly my favourite, a sneaky visit to the ‘Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie’ (I quite like their chocolate aniseed rings, Mrs Sobczynski  – hint, hint!). Camps are a great opportunity for our students to learn in a different environment and to try new things.  For many, this is often their first time away from home, building their confidence in this with familiar people to support them.  Camps are also such great fun!  We wish our campers the best and thank our staff members attending for taking time away from their own families to support our camp.  Thanks to Bec in the office and Miss Wise for organising our camp too.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in poor behaviour choices with some students being disrespectful to staff and students, not putting in their usual effort, and disrupting the learning of others.  While we can say that the ‘term four blues’, the exhaustion of swimming, the buzz of Halloween, or the recent full moon and winds might have some impact on students behaviour choices, it stands that this type of behaviour is not acceptable at Wangala Primary School.  I take this is as an opportunity to remind our community of the procedures we have in place to address poor behaviour choices, beginning by stating that, at Wangala Primary School, we all firmly believe that poor behaviour choices are a sign of other unmet needs and/or worries of students.  Our approach is to positively reinforce behaviour choices, reflected in our ‘Positive Behaviour Matrix’ (see at the end of our newsletter), and to reward positive choices.  Sometimes when students engage in continued poor behaviour choices, we must apply the Wangala Primary School ‘Behaviour Support Process’ (see below) providing students with opportunities to refocus their behaviour to a more positive outcome.  Part of this process also results in a Compass ‘Behaviour Notification’ outlining to you, the parents and carers, your child’s behaviour choices and the positive behaviour conversation your child was engaged in with one of our staff members.  Students also spend time completing a reflection sheet with our ‘Stay and Play’ staff member, that has them reflect on these behaviour choices, the impact of these choices, and the better choices for next time.  When you receive these ‘Behaviour Notifications’, we ask that you discuss them with your child, reinforcing the choices made as poor, the positive conversations around impact and consequences, and better choices next time.  Sometimes we may ask you to make time to come in and work with us to support your child to successfully engage in their schooling, ensuring the strong partnership between school and home.  Thankfully, the large majority of students only need one or two reminders around behaviour to change their choices for a more positive outcome.

On a more positive note, many of you will have recently received a ‘Positive Behaviour Notification’ outlining a ‘gotcha’ moment where one of our staff members saw your child making a positive behaviour choice.  I hope these fill you with as much joy as they do me when I am emailed the notifications!  It’s great to see and celebrate so many of our student’s choices!

I hope to see many more positive behaviour notifications soon!


Steven King



Dates to Remember

Monday, 6th – Wednesday, 8th November
Year 3-6 Camp – Anglesea

Monday, 13th November
Science Dome Incursion

Tuesday, 14th November
Kitchen Garden Program

Monday, 20th November
2.45pm Assembly 

Tuesday, 21st November
Belmont Kinder Visit and
Kitchen Garden Program

Wednesday, 22nd November
Prep 2024 Transition Session 4

Monday, 27th November
Curriculum Day – Pupil Free Day
(OSHC available) 

Tuesday, 28th November
Kitchen Garden Program 

Thursday, 30th November
Prep 2024 Transition Session 5

Monday, 4th December
2.45pm Assembly 

Tuesday, 5th December
Belmont Kinder Visit and Kitchen Garden Program

Thursday, 7th December
Wangala’s Got Talent 2.15pm

Friday, 8th December
Curriculum Day – Pupil Free Day

Monday, 11th December
Grade 6 Graduation –
Afternoon with families 

Tuesday, 12th December
Whole School Transition Day
(Step Up Day) Year 6 Transition

Friday, 15th December
Whole School Adventure Park Celebration Day

Monday, 18th December
Reports go live on Compass

Tuesday, 19th December
Kitchen Garden Program

Wednesday, 20th December
Last Day of Term 4 1.30

Wangala Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we are on, the Wadawurrung people, and thank them for sharing their long lasting culture with us as we learn and grow together.


Wangala Primary School – Second Hand Uniform Facebook Page
Did you know that one of our lovely parents has set up a Wangala Primary School Second Hand Uniform page on Facebook?  This is a page run by parents to buy, swap or sell uniform items.  Please ensure you read and abide by the group rules.

Curriculum Days for Term Four
We can confirm the following Curriculum days have been approved by School Council for Term Four.  Please put these in your diaries as student free days.  We do plan to operate our Outside School Hours Care service on the day for enrolled students, if there is enough interest.  
– Monday, 27th November  – OSHC Day Program Available
– Friday, 8th December

Borrowed Uniforms 
Just a reminder that if your child borrows school uniform items from our spare uniforms collection, these items must be washed and retuned to school at your earliest convenience.  Unfortunately, our supply is running low, particularly jumpers. Also, If you have uniform items that your child has outgrown and you would like to donate, please drop them off at reception. 

Lost Property
Our lunchbox and drink bottle lost property box is overflowing with items at present. If your child has misplaced lunch items, the lost property box is located in the kitchen. 


You may have already had the pleasure of meeting him, or you might have seen him around (he’s very tall and hard to miss!) but we are so excited to welcome Mat Pollutro to the Wangala OSHC team. Mat is in his first year of studying a Bachelor of Primary Education, he  is a keen golfer and is always down for a chat about sports or dogs – he has 2, and some of our OSHC students have already met his new puppy! You will see him working in both Before and After School Care, and we just know he will be welcomed to Wangala with kind smiles. So happy to have you, Mat!

Also a quick reminder that OSHC is running for the Curriculum Day on Monday the 27th of November. Please let us know if you are interested in enrolling your child for the day, the session will run from 9:00am to 3:15pm and cost $75, which is CCS applicable.

Stay and Play

Each recess and lunchtime our students can join one of our education support staff at ‘Stay and Play’, a program designed to provide structure to the otherwise unstructured break times.  ‘Stay and Play’ provides games and activities for students to engage in including chalk drawing, card games, colouring or Lego play, supervised by an adult.  Our support staff engage students in group activities and help students to navigate concepts such as sharing, turn taking, and compromise.  ‘Stay and Play’ is a popular place to be, evidenced by the chalk drawings that regularly cover our paths.  It is also heaps of fun!  An important part of our ‘Stay and Play’ is supporting students who may have made a poor behaviour choice, and complete a reflection on this.  During this time students are supported to think about their behaviour choice, the impacts of this behaviour, and how they can make better choices in the future.  This often includes discussions around feelings and emotions, where our support staff provide students with strategies to add to their ‘toolbox of strategies’

Prep Classroom

The Preps have been learning double facts in Mathematics this week! We have been learning what double 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is. We have loved practising our doubles knowledge playing the game Dino Doubles!

Year 3/4 Classroom

The students in Year 3/4 have been reading as a class the book Runt written by Craig Silvey. WINNER: 2023 CBCA Book of the Year, Younger Readers

It’s a story about a girl called Annie Shearer who lives in the country town of Upson Downs with her best friend, an adopted stray dog called Runt. The two share a very special bond.

This week the students have create a display showing what the sheep would be inferring as they watch Annie and Runt practise their agility skills.

The Arts News!


The Wangala 2023 Christmas Tree has been decoratively painted by the Year 6 students, with some assistance from Years 3-5.

It will be on display in either Johnstone Park or Market Square, throughout the Christmas period.

Congratulations on your wonderful art work!


Students can view an entire wall of submitted posters, from schools across Geelong, in the Learning Space at the Geelong Art Gallery.

It was officially opened on November 1st at an afternoon event.

This exhibition will be on display until February 2024. 

You might get some great ideas for your next poster!


This will be taking place on Thursday 7th December!

Check out the poster attached for details and start planning what you could do on stage! Entry forms are available at the office NOW!


What a fabulous two weeks we’ve had during our swimming program. A huge congratulations must go to all the children for their continued efforts each day. They have certainly made the most of the opportunity and it has been so pleasing to watch the growth that they have made each day. Swimming is such a vital life skill and Wangala students are now more prepared leading into the summer months. A special thanks must also go to our amazing ES staff for getting in the pool and supporting students. 

Senior Class

The 5/6 students have been writing Odes as part of their poetry unit. They have been challenged to include imagery such as similes, metaphors and personification. 

To my brilliant friends.

You guys are the sweetest lollies I’ve ever met.

You are as bright as the sun shining down on me.

You are as beautiful as roses.

A chair will pull itself out just for you!

Oh how I adore you, my amazing friends.


To an orange.

You are the best fruit.

As orange as an orange.

A ball of happiness.

Smiles when eaten.

Oh an orange, how I adore you.


To Jarlah (my pup).

You add joy to my day.

You’re cute, snuggly and fun.

A cotton ball in my arms.

Oh I happily adore you.


Oh ice cream.

You’re the most tasty summer treat.

You’re as cold as ice.

You’re a waterfall of amazement in every bite. ‘

My heart longs to hear you sing.

You’re the cherry on top in every lick.

You make my heart go zing, ping, ching.

If I don’t get you my heart will crack.

Oh how I adore you!



Last week the students enjoyed making and creating various Halloween Art and  Craft. The grade 1/2  class showed great patience and persistence when weaving their very own spider web’s using sticks and string.

Healthy Eating - Food Helps us to Grow

At Wangala Primary School we encourage students to eat a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch, we also encourage parents at  have discussions at home around the types of foods their children like in their lunchboxes, so that foods are not thrown in the bin. We also encourage students to take leftover food home to chat with their parents if it’s something they don’t enjoy. For the older students maybe even encourage them to make their own lunches ensuring that healthy and nutritious foods are included. 

Students who haven’t eaten well in the day can find concentrating in class difficult and can be lacking in energy. 
Children need food to:

  • have healthy bodies. 
  • have energy to grow, do work and stay healthy. 
  • build healthy teeth, skin, bones, muscles and other important body parts.
  • help our brain to work so that we can learn and manage thoughts and feelings.
  • help protect our bodies when we get sick.

A reminder to all families that we host Breakfast club here at Wangala where Cereal, Toast, Fruit and Milk are available everyday from 8:45am.

Below are the Dietary Guidelines from the Australian Parenting website outlining age appropriate foods for children 4-8 years and 9-11 years. The Raising Children website is a great resources for parents, it provides information on a number of topics relevant to school age children including: sleep, behaviour, media and technology, development, family life, play and safety. 

Focus on Curriculum

Supporting your child’s reading and writing at home
These are the types of questions your child might be asked at school. You can include some of these questions when you talk about reading at home too:
– How do you think the character was feeling?
– How would you change the ending? 
– How would you describe the changes in the character/setting? 
These questions require you child to refer back to the text:
– What were the characters’ names?
– What was the setting?
– What did each character do?
– What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the text?
The following questions require your child to think about the main message:
– What do you think is the main message in the story or text?
– Can you relate it to another event or issue?
– Do you agree with the views of the author?
– What is your opinion about the message in the story?
– How could other people see it differently? 

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix