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Friday 3rd May, 2024

From the Principal

Last Wednesday, our school leaders held a moving Anzac ceremony with all classes laying a wreath of poppies at the base of our flag poles out of respect for those who have served our country.  Thanks to Ms Whytcross for her organisation of this event. 

I had the pleasure of joining Mrs Sobczynski’s class at the Geelong Regional Library on Wednesday as they participated in the Wangala Balit Ngarrwa (making knowledge strong) project.  The day, facilitated by our regional Koorie Education Support team, Wadawurrung Traditional Owner Aboriginal Corporation and Geelong Regional Libraries Service, aimed to build reconciliation through schools, homes and communities.  Our students were engaged in deep thinking about Aboriginal culture and history and made connections to their own lives while reflecting on the next steps in reconciliation within our school community.  As a school, our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) sets out our vision to be unified in acknowledgement and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their resilience, and their living cultures, so that we can work collaboratively as a community to educate and create a unified future for all Australians.  With multiple actionable areas, participation in the Wangala Balit Ngarrwa event focuses on the RAP action of building respect in the classroom and teaching about reconciliation.  We were very pleased to be involved in this amazing opportunity.

A highlight of my week each week is joining our Kitchen Garden Program group for their dining experience. Every week I’m amazed by the the scrumptious food they create, and the talents on display as they whip up a delicious feast for the group to share.  Over the past term students have perfected making their own pasta and noodles and are also very skilled in baking their own flat breads.  Towards the end of the warmer weather, we had a bounty of produce in our garden, students utilised fresh, seasonal items such as tomatoes and herbs to make batches of passata and from an abundance of harvested chillis, two students made the most delicious sweet chilli jam! Both have been stored for future use.  As part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, we strive for a pleasurable food experience for our students, understanding the joy and fulfilment in the garden to plate processes.  A big thank you to Mrs Fanning for her organisation around this each week, and to Kim for her time spent in our garden.  We also have multiple volunteers who assist with the program each week that we are so thankful to for giving up their time for our students to enjoy this program. 

Each morning, I have the opportunity to chat with many of our community members as I complete the mornings before-school duty.  This morning, I had a chat with some of you about the music that is played each morning.  While ‘Life is a Highway’ is a great song, it was suggested that maybe we could change it up a bit, which I’m all for!  If you have a suggestion for a song that could be played before school, please let us know!  We’d love to hear your suggestions for a song that inspires us to put in our best effort, or maybe just to put a smile on our faces.  You can email your suggestions to the school email address [email protected]


Steven King

Dates to Remember

Friday, 3rd May
Hockey Clinic – All Classes 

Monday, 6th May 
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Monday, 13th – Friday 17th May 
Scholastic Book Fair
Monday to Thursday 3.15 – 3-45pm
Friday 8.45 – 9am

Tuesday, 14th – Wednesday 22nd May 
Somers Camp – Selected Students 

Thursday, 16th May
MARC Van at Wangala 

Monday, 20th May 
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Friday, 24th May 
Belmont Kinder Visit – Senior Students 

Monday, 27th – Friday 31st May
Smile Squad Dental Van  

Thursday, 30th May
School Photos 
MARC Van at Wangala 

Friday, 31st May
Winter Lightning Prem 
Soccer and Netball
Senior Students 

Monday, 3rd June
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Monday, 10rd June
Kings Birthday Public Holiday
Pupil Free Day

Wangala Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we are on, the Wadawurrung people, and thank them for sharing their long lasting culture with us as we learn and grow together.

Student Awards

Congratulations to last fortnights students who received Star Student and Kitchen Garden awards! 


Personal Property:  The Department of Education and Training does not have insurance for personal property of staff, students and visitors. Therefore, Wangala Primary School can not take responsibility for items of personal property that are lost, stolen or damaged at school or during school activities. Damage to personal property brought to school is the responsibility of the owner of that property. 

Our schools Personal Property Policy, along with a number of other school policies can be viewed on our website

Covid: We have had a number of Covid-19 cases reported in our school community this week. Please be vigilant of symptoms, and please keep your child at home if they are unwell. 

Reporting Absences: Just a friendly reminder to please notify the school if your child/children are going to be absent. 
This can be done via:
– The Compass App 
– Phone –  5242 2997, please select ‘1’ for student absences and record a message 
– Emailing [email protected]
Please do not rely on Seesaw for reporting absences, this communication is not received by our administration staff.

Compass: Compass is our schools primary form of communication, this is where all school news is published and where consent forms are generated and payment can be made for excursions. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest downloading the app and ensuring that notifications are turned on.  If you require assistance with accessing Compass, please contact reception. 

Positive Behaviour Matrix Fortnightly Campaign

This fortnight’s positive behaviour campaign is, ‘We ask questions if we don’t understand something.’ 

As parents and carers, you will know that most children will ask hundreds of questions a day as they learn to navigate the world around them and rapidly develop their brain.  As infants’, simple factual questions are generally asked, such as the names of objects, and by age four the lion’s share of the questions are generally seeking explanations and not just facts. 

Some primary aged students may be afraid to ask a question in class when they don’t understand something.  Students may feel shy or anxious about drawing attention to themselves, or fear judgement or appearing unintelligent.  At Wangala Primary School we strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions.

At Wangala Primary School we also strive to build a culture of error, normalising making a mistake or not getting something right.  In classrooms we talk about mistakes being an important part of the learning process and something that helps us to improve performance.

Outside of Hours Care

Lately in OSHC we have been focusing on our fine motor skills by constructing different creations out of Lego and doing intricate colouring-ins, and playing lots of board games and card games to help us build our understanding of fairness. We have also been taking advantage of the lovely afternoons and playing group games on the playground! 

Also a reminder that you can set up payment schedules for your OSHC payments via the Kidsoft app. This takes the stress out of having to pay each week or fortnight and gives you the peace of mind of knowing your fees are being paid.

Australian Early Development Census

The AEDC is a teacher-completed census (similar to a questionnaire) which provides a comprehensive picture of how children have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school.

Mrs Beaumont and Miss Longley will complete the AEDC for the Prep students in their class.

The AEDC is an Australian Government Initiative and is completed nationally every three years.

Children don’t miss any class time while the AEDC is completed, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information.

The data collected through the AEDC is used by schools, communities and governments to better understand children and families’ needs, and identify the services, resources and support they need.

AEDC data is reported at a school, community, state/territory and national level. AEDC results for individual children are not reported and the AEDC is not used as an individual diagnostic tool.

Some teachers have found that completing the AEDC made them more aware of the needs of individual children and their class, and that the data was useful for planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary, however the AEDC relies on all schools with children in their first year of full-time school participating in the collection. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.

To find out more about the AEDC and how it is being used to help children and families visit:

If you have any questions, you can contact our Inclusion and Wellbeing Teacher, Mrs Rashelle Moon, for further information

Grade 2/3/4 Classroom

This week the grade 2/3/4 students began reading the timeless classic Flat Stanley. The students have been practising the reading strategies of prediction and inferring. They have also decorated their own Flat Stanleys.

Grade 4/5/6 Classroom

The Senior students have been learning about adding onomatopoeia, similes and adjectives to their writing.

Whoosh! A black and white ragdoll zoomed into my house. It acted very sneaky but I found it on my soft coach. It looked hungry. It jumped off the couch and went walking on my nice soft wooden floor, but it was still scared of me. I picked up the lonely cat, it was fluffy and soft. It jumped out of my hands. It was as sneaky as a thief.
– J

Woof Woof! Danny is as soft as a pillow and as funny as a clown, he is a really energetic clown. Danny has blue eyes like the sky, white socks, white and brown fur, and is also super cute. Danny feels excited, a little scared, loved and happy. Danny lives with his owner in a big house that has a playroom which is so cute. It is in Geelong in 2018.

Wangalabringing Balit Ngarrwa Excursion

The Senior students visited the Geelong library this week, and spent some time in workshops learning about some Aboriginal history and culture. They also made connections to their own lives and thought of ways to support reconciliation in their homes, school and community.

District Cross Country

On Monday, 6 of our students represented the school at the district cross country held at Barwon Valley. The students ran 2km or 3km around the course, competing against other local schools. They all gave 100% effort, showed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork. Well done to Harry, Hugo, Zach, Maycee, Cruz and Darcy for their fabulous effort! A special thankyou to Ms. Whytcross and Federica for taking the students, and a special mention to the parents who were able to help out with transport on the day.

Hockey Clinic

Porrgil's Patch

On Tuesday afternoon’s the prep and grade 1 student visit Porrgil’s Patch, this is our garden area located at the end of the tennis courts. So far this term they have learnt about the types of produce we grow in Porrgil’s patch, met our resident chickens, checked out the worm farm, completed some watercolour botanical paintings and made some nature inspired artwork pieces. We love how enthusiastic they are to be learning in our school garden! 

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix