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Friday 28th June, 2024

From the Principal

It’s been another rather busy term at Wangala Primary School.  As well as the class learning that has taken place each day across the term, students have been involved in a range of extra-curricular activities such as the Lightning Premiership soccer and netball, and some great excursions and incursions.  We have ended our term by celebrating the learning in the classrooms through our open classrooms.  It has been great to see so many of you coming along to share in the learning from this term.  I particularly enjoyed looking at the P/1 students family tree instalments, created as part of their inquiry into their own personal histories.

This morning our Semester One reports were released, available through the Compass system.  I took the time to read each report over the past week and congratulate our students on, not only their academic progress, but the effort they have put in across the different subject areas.  Thanks to our classroom teachers for preparing these thorough reports.  On the first day back next term, we will open our ‘Student Led Conference’ bookings through the Compass system.  This will be a chance for you to book a time to come in and meet with your child and their classroom teacher, and to share in their learning accomplishments.  We encourage everyone to book your ten-minute slot.  A Compass notification will be sent when these are opened.

NAIDOC Week will be held over the last week of the school holidays.  This special week is held to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living culture on Earth.  The City of Greater Geelong will be proudly presenting First Nations Art Projections each night at City Hall during NAIDOC Week.  I encourage everyone to pop down one evening to enjoy this presentation.  This year’s theme is ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud!’ Our students will discuss and celebrate NAIDOC week during the first week of next term. 

I wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing you all in Term Three! 

Stay warm!


Steven King



Dates to Remember

Wednesday, 24th July
Student Led Conferences

Thursday, 25th July
MARC Program at WPS

Friday, 26th July
Summer Lightening Premiership – Basketball, Year 4-6 Students 
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Sunday, 28th July
Working Bee 9am-1pm

Wednesday, 31st July
Geelong Botanical Gardens Excursion All students / Year Levels

Thursday, 8th August
MARC Program at WPS

Friday, 9th August
District Athletics, Year 3-6 Students 
100 Days of School Celebration for Prep’s
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th August 
School Camp – Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff, Year 3-6 Students

Friday, 23rd August
Book Week Dress Up Day
Parade + Book Swap

Wangala Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we are on, the Wadawurrung people, and thank them for sharing their long lasting culture with us as we learn and grow together.


Sibling Enrolments: If you have a child/ren who will be starting Prep in 2025, please contact the school office for an enrolment form. Prep enrolments are due by Friday the 26th of July. 

Term 3: Term 3 starts back on Monday the 15th of July

Working Bee: The WPS School Council have organised a working bee scheduled for Sunday, August 28th, from 9am to 1pm. We would greatly appreciate assistance with a diverse range of projects, some of which are not gardening or grounds related! including indoor tasks such as cleaning the kitchen or placing felt on the bottom of chairs. If you are able to attend, please sign in at the office on the day and pick up an information card with your assigned task and all the relevant details you’ll need. Tea, coffee, and morning tea will be provided.

Book Week: Book Week this year will be held in Week 6 of term 3, from August 19th to 23rd. Our dress-up day, parade, and book swap will take place on Friday the 23rd with the theme ‘Reading is Magic’. Please start encouraging your children to think about their character for the dress-up day and to bring in books for the book swap, see flyers below. 

Infectious Disease Exclusion: A reminder of the Government’s policy on infectious disease exclusion table for primary schools:

Upcoming Excursions and Camps:
– Friday 27th July, Summer Lightning Premiership, Year 4-6 Students, $15. 
– Wednesday 31st July, Geelong Botanical Gardens Excursion, All Students/Year Levels, $10
– Monday 12th – Wednesday the14th August, Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff Camp, Year 3-6 students, cost and relevant information has been circulated via Compass.
– Friday 9th August, District Athletics, Grade 3-6 Students, $15.

OSHC Fee Reminder: This is a reminder that effective from the beginning of Term 3 – July 15th 2024, the OSHC fees will increase, as well as having differing costs for both casual and permanent bookings. 

The new fee structure is as follows:
Before School Care:
Permanent Cost: $23.00
Casual Cost: $25.00

After School Care:
Permanent Cost: $28.00
Casual Cost: $30.00

These new fees will still be CCS applicable. 

This fee increase allows us to continue to ensure your child/ren have the best experience possible in OSHC and we thank you greatly for your continued support of our program!

Student Awards

Congratulations to this weeks STAR STUDENTS! 

Barwon Student Leadership Conference

This week, the school leaders took part in the Barwon Student Leadership Conference held at the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership. The day consisted of participating in workshops led by student leaders from two local colleges. We learnt about what it means to be a leader, and how to improve our leadership skills. At the end of the day, we sat with Mrs Moon to create an action plan for a change we would like to make in our school. We decided to build on our sustainable practices and improve our rubbish around school, by incorporating more Nude Food ideas and strategies. Keep your eyes and ears posted for some changes to help with this!

We had a great day collaborating with other school leaders from schools in our area, and chatting about what it’s like to be a school leader.

Positive Behaviour Matrix Fortnightly Campaign

This fortnights positive behaviour campaign is ‘we speak to someone if we see something that is a problem’.  At Wangala Primary School we encourage students to ‘see something, do something’, something which is focused on many different scenarios. 

One of the contexts we continually apply this saying to is when we are a bystander.  By definition, a bystander is someone who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.  We talk about ‘bystander behaviour’ as someone that stands by and does nothing during an incident.  Our framework of using our WITS (walk away, ignore, talk it out, seek help) is applied in these incidents where we encourage bystanders to report any events, or, if they feel confident, call their friends out on this behaviour.  In these incidents, students are encourage to move from being a bystander to being an upstander. 

How can you be an upstander?


We have had so much fun in OSHC this term. Some student highlights were: growing crystals, eating snack platters in the sunshine, watching the sunrises, new paint pens, movie nights, playing footy with Harvey and big group games. 

On Tuesday we had an early end-of-term celebration night – Bagels and Beagles! We ate delicious bagels, expertly prepared by our resident chef Hugo, and had a visit from Bear the (big) Beagle. We all had a great afternoon celebrating the fun that was Term 2.

GSODA- The Little Mermaid

On Monday 24th June the 2/3/4 class ventured into Geelong to see The Little Mermaid performed by GSODA. This is what they had to say about the performance:

‘“My favourite part of the performance was when Ariel and the Prince got married. The wedding cake looked fantastic” – Harry

“I liked it when Sebatian san his song” –  Seb

“My favourite part was when the chef chased Sebastian with a knife to try and cook him and he ducked down under the table to hide” – Eloise

“ My favourite part of The Little Mermaid was when Sebatian sang Under the Sea”- Hugo

“ My favourite part of The Little Mermaid was when Ariel married the Prince and they became King and Queen”- Noah

“ I liked it when Ariel threw Ursula’s shell and it broke in half “ – Gabriel

“ My favourite part of The Little Mermaid was when Ursula took Ariel’s voice as it was very intense and scary”- Darcie

“ My Favourite part was when Ariel saved her father and Ursula learnt her lesson”- Connor

“My favourite part was watching the chef trying to cook the crab because it was funny”- Van

“My favourite part was when when Ursula took Ariel’s voice so that Ariel could become human and live her dream”- Georgia

“ My favourite part was when Ariel got rid of her Auntie Ursula so that Ariels family could love peacefully” – Paxton

“My favourite part was when Sebastian was being chased around the table by the chef and all of his helpers who were trying to catch him to cook and eat him”- Lucas

“ My favourite part was when Ariels father broke Ariels shelves with all the things that she had collect from humans because there was so much drama”- Rory

“My favourite part was well all of it because it was a great performance”- Kaylah

“ My favourite part was when the chef tried to cook Sebastian. The chase was really funny” – Zach

“My favourite part was when the chef tried to catch Sebastian and didn’t manage to do it” – Farbod

Grade 4/5/6

The Senior students have completed their History Inquiry unit by putting themselves in the shoes of a child from the past and completing a diary entry.


Dear Diary,               

Today was the most exhausting day of my life. It’s not easy to believe that I’m in Australia! Yes, Australia. After a long time of sailing through the endless ocean, the First Fleet has finally arrived on this strange and different land. 

The journey was really, really hard. I really missed England, especially our house, my friends and the little garden behind our house.The ship was really crowded and smelled terrible most of the time.There were so many people, and usually not much fresh air. Sometimes it really felt like the sea would never end.

But today, it all suddenly changed. Early this morning, the ship crew shouted that they had seen the land. My heart raced as I clambered up to see. There it was, a new world, unlike anything I’d ever seen.The coastline was wild trees and plants that looked so different from those back in England.

When we finally docked everyone who was really happy to step on the land ,the air smelled fresh and earthy.

I heard different sounds that I have never heard before like  some kind of different bird chirping which were black and white and called magpies.

The grown ups were building shelters when others were exploring. I also explored but I didn’t go that far because my mother said so. I saw these odd types of creatures who were hopping around on their hind legs! Someone said they were called Kangaroos, not only that there were also these animals on  the trees that looked like small bears. Someone also said that they were called Koalas.

It was time for dinner and it was getting late and we were getting so that is why we went to look for dinner. We scratched around the ground making sure we found some vegetables. We did find some vegetables but it made my hands and fingers feel sore and my fingernails became really dirty. We also came across an apple tree. We decided to climb the tree and get some apples. It was hard work but was worth it. We needed some water to drink and to cook dinner. We really tried to find a river. It was not easy but we finally found one. Like our parents made some baskets from wood and leaves and also something called canes they also made buckets from stone wood dirt and other stuff. We used those buckets to take water back to our camp.

We all reached the camp and then my mother made dinner with the vegetables and water we got from the river. We finally had dinner after a long exhausting day. We had boiled vegetables and it was really pretty good.

After a really long exhausting day I am really tired, I will write to you another day. Bye dear diary.

By Seerat

Prep / One Classrooms

Leaf-a-Lina: Prep/One B’s class pet, Leaf-a-Lina diamond has grown so much! Mr King and the students enjoyed getting our prickly leaf insect out on Friday for a pat. She loves chewing on gum trees and drinking water from the leaves.

3D Shapes: The Prep/One’s have been learning all about 3D shapes. They have been looking at the names and features of each 3D shape. Last week they created some very interesting sculptures using a variety of 3D shapes. 

Stay and Play Roster Term 3

Our daily Stay and Play program will continue into Term 3, offering supervised play during recess and lunch.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program June Edition

Garden: Winter has settled in, with most of the autumn leaves cleared away by our diligent sweeping crews. Our fruit trees are dormant, except for our productive citrus trees yielding high-quality mandarins and lemons, which are being put to good use in the kitchen. Meanwhile, our winter crops—including cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower—are steadily growing. We’ve been enjoying a variety of leafy greens like Asian greens, silverbeet, spinach, kale, and lettuce in our culinary creations.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, we’ve delighted in a diverse array of dishes crafted from our garden’s bountiful produce. We’ve explored Choux pastry and honed our skills in balancing flavours and food presentation, incorporating garden-fresh garnishes like nasturtium flowers. Throughout the term, we’ve embraced bush foods, aligning with our Indigenous culture curriculum and Reconciliation Week. Among these, lemon myrtle has proven especially popular with our recipes.

Here’s what our students have had to say:

It’s Winter in the garden, at this time of the year we see ladybirds, snails and the last of the autumn leaves falling. We have produce growing in the garden that we pick for our kitchen class to use. This week we picked silverbeet, bok choy, spinach, rocket and lettuce. 

In the kitchen recently we have been cooking tofu stir fry, pear muffins, rice and spring onion pancakes. We also make a salad of the imagination each week.

Our favourite dish was the tofu stir fry and the spring onion pancakes. We didn’t want to try the tofu at the beginning but we are glad we did because the fresh ginger flavour was yummy. 

Our favourite memory of the garden class this month was the flower frames we made. They are so pretty and we liked picking the colourful flowers for them. Every week is great and we all have lots of fun. 

Our favourite memory in the kitchen class this month was making muffins, they were full of flavour and tasted great. 

Thanks for reading our report! 

Chavelle and Seerat Year 5 and 6.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix