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Friday, 15th March, 2024

From the Principal

Thank you to those parents and carers who put themselves forward to be on our School Council this year.  As you will know, due to so many parents and carers showing interest, we had to run a ballot for our parent and carer community to elect their representatives.  A huge congratulations goes to Trent Griffiths, Rachael Hibbert and Melissa Stokes who were the successful candidates and will join the council for the next two years.  They will be joining our current parent and carer councillors, Chelsea Thompson and Kate Lineker.  Staff councillors are Sarah Sobczynski, Rebecca Rees, and co-opted into Andrea Hueston’s position, Rebecca Longley.  Our School Council will meet next Tuesday, and meet twice per term to discuss the broad direction and vision of the school within our community, to exercise a general oversight of the school buildings and grounds, to regulate and facilitate the after-hours use and hire of the school premises and grounds, to ensure that all money coming into the hands of the council is expended for proper purposes relating to the school, to generally stimulate interest in the school in the wider community, to input into the preparation of the school’s Annual Implementation Plan, to determine the dates for the school’s student-free days, and to perform any other function or duty required.  Any parent or carer interested in knowing more about the School Council is welcome to join us as an observer at any council meeting.  You are also encouraged to chat to our councillors about all things Wangala whenever you can.

At the end of each term, we take the opportunity to celebrate the growth of our students, opening our classroom doors for you to share the amazing work they’ve completed.  This year we will be holding our ‘Community Celebration Day’ on the last day of term, Thursday, 28th March with a day jam packed full of excitement.  See the flyer in this week’s newsletter for further information.  While we understand that you may not be able to be there for all the events on the day, I invite you all to come along at some stage to celebrate with our community.  I’m excited to have the ‘Welcome to Country’ and ‘Smoking Ceremony’ as part of our community celebration and encourage everyone to come along and share in this significant event.

Harmony Week is next week.  The theme for 2024 is ‘Everyone Belongs’.  Students will be celebrating and exploring this in their classrooms.  At Wangala Primary School we’re proud of the inclusiveness of our community, represented in our yarning circle logo.  Our logo serves as a reminder for all of us, as we strive to ensure our community members have a voice and are actively involved in our school. 

I finish today’s newsletter message welcoming Mrs Rashelle Moon to our staff.  Mrs Moon will be stepping into Mrs Hueston’s role while she is on leave, covering our Physical Education program, and working with our classes as the Inclusion and Wellbeing Teacher.  We look forward to having Rashelle with us from the start of Term Two.


Steven King

Dates to Remember

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd, March
NAPLAN Year 3 and 5 Students (make up sessions from last week)

Monday, 18th March
2.45 Assembly in the Gymnasium

Thursday, 21st March
MARC Van at Wangala 

Friday, 22nd March
Basketball Clinic Year 2-6

Thursday, 28th March
Community Celebration Day 
Last Day of Term 1, 2.30 Finish

Wangala Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we are on, the Wadawurrung people, and thank them for sharing their long lasting culture with us as we learn and grow together.


School Holidays 
The final day for Term 1 is Thursday the 28th of March, students will finish at 2.30pm, OSHC is available.  The first day of Term 2 is Monday the 15th of April. 

Baron Health Smile Squad Free Dentist 
The Smile Squad team from Barwon Health are coming to our school the week of the 27th – 31st May.
Smile Squad is the Victorian Government free school dental program. This means all students can get a free dental check-up, preventive services, and treatment at school.
How to access free dental care
We need your consent before we can provide services. Consent is usually provided by a parent or guardian. Sign up to Smile Squad at: or use the QR code below. 
Please complete and submit the consent form by 17/5/24.
The electronic consent form can be translated into more than 100 languages.
Do I need to attend my child’s appointment?
No, you do not need to attend your child’s appointment. You can attend if you would like to by contacting Dental Administration on 4215 7625, or you can take your child to the community dental clinic if you prefer.

Congratulations to our students in years 3 and 5 who participated in NAPLAN testing, led brilliantly by our middle classroom teacher, Miss Kelly Wise. Our students displayed a positive, can-do attitude towards NAPLAN and we are very proud of their displays of resilience throughout the week. 

Community Celebration Day – Thursday 28th March 2024 
See flyer below for details

Positive Behaviour Matrix Fortnightly Campaign

This fortnight’s positive behaviour focus is ‘We include others in our games and play, and share equipment.’  At Wangala Primary School we encourage our students to be inclusive of others, living the values of being respectful, caring and community minded.  In our yarning circles, students have discussed why it is kind to be inclusive of others, and unpack how people feel when they are excluded, and importantly when we do include them. 

Sometimes students may find themselves in positions where they’re unsure of who to play with or what to play.  At Wangala Primary School we have our ‘Stay and Play’ operating each recess and lunch break.  This is facilitated by our Wellbeing Officer, Holly, and our Education Support Staff each day to provide a place for our students to go to when they’re in this situation.  The activities we have at ‘Stay and Play’ are designed to keep students engaged, but are all strategically designed to be activities where students play together or adjacent to each other.  During this time our supervising staff members will foster opportunities for our students to engage together and include each other in play.  Our ‘Stay and Play’ is a very popular option for many at recess and lunch breaks.

Outside School Hours Care News

During the past fortnight in OSHC we have been busy bees, learning how we can be connected to and contribute to our world and community through a variety of play activities. We have written and illustrated books, made 3D Portraits, engaged in group story times and had lots of fun with our two favourite OSHC toys – Sharkey the Shark and Kevin Bacon the pig. 

We would also like to welcome Lilliana Oogjes to the OSHC staff. Lilliana will be in OSHC on Wednesday afternoons, and she is already feeling very welcomed by our Wangala and OSHC community!


Our students (and staff!) continue to thrive in their learning and applying Auslan, and now you will have the opportunity to learn along side us through our partner program  Auslan Education Services. ‘Auslan Time with Geo’ You Tube channel, which can be accessed using the link.  While there aren’t many videos yet, there will be more and more added over time.  In this week’s newsletter we’ve also included a ‘Learning Auslan at Wangala’ place mate, which you can use at home to learn some of the basics together. 

Senior Class

The 4/5/6 students have been working hard on writing texts to entertain. They did a wonderful job on their big writes with the golden egg prompt, here are some brilliant examples: 

The Golden Egg

“One week of school done” “sure is” he yawned “I’m tired”. “Ok well see ya later” I walk home using my shortcut. I see a shine of gold in my eye, I get closer and see it’s a golden egg. 

I take it home and show it to my mum. She said “what’s that”? “A golden egg” I said “my dad’s at work so I will show my little brother”. “WOW” he said “where did you find it”? “In the forest”. “Can you take me there please?” “ok” he jumped in excitement I stared up the car and parked just outside the forest. 

I didn’t realise I dropped the egg then i went back for it. I really didn’t know what to do with it. I called my best friend but he was busy so he hung up how rude! I was disappointed 

I put it on my side table. That night I heard a crack. I had a dent in the egg. I was so tired so I went to sleep in the morning. I brought it to school then realised it was a curriculum day. 

It hatched before I got home. It was a beautiful cat-dragon. I showed my family but again they were shocked. 

I kept it in my room until I trained it. I got it in a 20ft cage. Of course I built it. I kept training it until I got to max powers soon enough. I let other people see my dragon-cat. One day it flew away to another planet it was hard to see it go it was sad – Jake

The Cursed Egg 

A storm was brewing “SHAZAM”! The sound of lighting struck from the dark gloomy clouds. As the kingdom was full of puddles. All the townsmen sighed in disappointment, since all their crops were destroyed from the horrible storm. 

King Henry demanded from the townsmen for a gift for his new stunning wife. They all were so poor after the storm, that they had to hide for their own good. King Henry was furious after his demand clearly was denied. 

He forced the guards to search all over the town for a new slave. Once they found Michael Jonas The Tradies, daughter, Lana Jonas. They pulled her out from her hiding spot (she was inside a dirty barrel). They shoved a sack over her head with the tinyest slits just so she could have some air to breathe. Once the guardsmen got to the castle they aggressively threw her to the ground. A loud thud noise came from them throwing an innocent girl on the floor. 

The King forcefully made her answer every question. “Why didn’t your family give me a gift for my gorgeous wife!!!” He shouted into her ear.” W-we had no crops left a-after that horrible storm, it drowned all the crops in the town.’ She cried to King Henry. 

“BANG” The doors slammed open. It was.. Micheal Jonas The Tradie, he had brought a case with a shimmering golden egg.” an egg that looks yellow?!” The King broke out in laughs. Michael Jonas, The Tradie, felt embarrassed but continued. “ Once you touch this egg you will be granted with as much fortune in any kind” The king’s eyes water in glory. He reached for the egg with shiny eyes. It was in the palm of his hand as it shimmered and glimmered. The next moment gold started appearing everywhere. 

The problem was that Michael never finished what he was saying… “But, there’s a catch! Every person you fall in love with dies a painful agonising death”. King Henry’s eyes broadened, his smile turned around, and his face looked shocked. 

He quickly turned around and ran his fast little legs slamming the door wide open. He saw his wife, Anne Boleyn, she was choking on poison and her throat was burning on the inside her eyes started to water and tears of blood slowly ran down her cheek. She reached out one more time for her husband but fell to the ground bleeding out. She was dead, everyone was stunned to see. Tears fell from Henry’s eyes as gold appeared everywhere. THE END… – Texaz

The Golden Egg

It was a stormy night and Midas was home alone he was only a kid. It was 10:00 pm and he was so scared!

Midas heard a knock on the door, so he opened the door and there was a huge box, so he brought it inside. He opened the box and there was a lot of bubble wrap. Midas got a knife to cut the bubble wrap.

There was a shiny golden egg, so Midas grabbed it. All of a sudden, his hands were golden! Midas tried to wash it off, but the water turned into gold!

Midas was going crazy (maybe he was in a dream)? So, Midas poked himself. He was so not in a dream! Midas had an amazing idea: he put gloves on and it worked… – Darcy

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix