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Friday 14th June, 2024

From the Principal

What a long, short week it has been!  We have been busy at Wangala Primary School with a visit during the week from author, Di Hickleton.  Di is a retired teacher and the author of a series of books set at Butleigh Farm.  Di engaged the students in readings of some of her books and a chat about how she created each books, the characters and story lines.  It was great to have Di at our school.  We might need to visit her down at Butleigh Farm sometime in the near future!

Our teachers have been busy writing mid-year reports.  These are a great snapshot of where your child is at in their learning, highlighting their achievements and next steps in learning in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  These reports detail what your children have covered in the classrooms over the past semester, including in our specialist subjects.  Reports will be released on the last day of term.  We hope you take the time to look over these reports and discuss them with your children.  You will also have the opportunity to engage in a ‘Student Led Conference’ in the second week of next term.  As the name implies, this is an opportunity for you to come along to meet with the teacher, and have your child share with you what they’ve been learning.  Booking details for these conferences will be released on the first day back.

I would like to finish my section today by recognising the efforts of two of our community members.  Kim Dugan has been recognised through EdConnect as a Learning Support Teacher for her coordination of the volunteers we have at Wangala Primary School.  Marianne Nyhof was also recognised through EdConnect for 10 years of volunteer service.  Marianne attends our school twice a week and works with individual students to boost their literacy skills, giving up her own time to support our school.  Thank you Marianne for your ongoing support and for being a valuable member of our community!

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.


Steven King








Dates to Remember

Monday, 17th June
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Friday, 21st June
Belmont Kinder Visit – Senior Students Barwon Schools Young Leaders Conference 2024 – School Leaders Attending

Monday, 24th June
GSODA’s Little Mermaid at GAC
Year 2-4 Students

Thursday, 27th June
MARC Van at Wangala 

Friday, 28th June
Last Day of Term 2.30pm Finish
Semester 1, 2024 Reports
Available via Compass

Monday, 22nd July
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Thursday, 25th July
MARC Program at WPS

Friday, 26th July
Summer Lightening Premiership – Basketball, Year 4-6 Students 

Monday, 5th August
Assembly 2.45pm in the Gym

Friday, 9th August
District Athletics, Year 3-6 Students 
100 Days of School Celebration for Prep’s

Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th August 
School Camp – Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff, Year 3-6 Students

Wangala Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land we are on, the Wadawurrung people, and thank them for sharing their long lasting culture with us as we learn and grow together.


Before and After School Supervision: A reminder that school supervision is provided from 15 minutes before school and 10 minutes after school. We ask that students arrive and depart when school supervision is available, if for any reason you are unable to collect your child from school before 3.25pm, please notify the office. 
Parents and carers are responsible for for the care and supervision of students travelling to and from school outside of the times of school supervision.
For safety reasons, students arriving after 9am need to be brought to the office by a parent or carer and signed in through Compass. 

Student Dress Code Policy: A big thank you to our families who are following and respecting our school uniform expectations. A reminder of the key points in our ‘Student Dress Code’ policy, which can be found on our website:
– Cosmetics may not be worn at school. Only clear nail polish is permitted.
Students are not permitted to wear decorative jewellery to school. Cultural or religious jewellery is exempt. Stud earrings and sleepers worn in the ears, and watches, are the only acceptable jewellery. Smart or active watches are not acceptable, in line with DE policy. 
Shoulder length or longer hair for both boys and girls, is to be tied back to help restrict the spread of nits and lice and for student safety.

Borrowed School Clothing: Over the past couple of weeks several prep and grade 1 students have borrowed a change of clothes from our very limited spare clothes supplies. If you have borrowed items at home, please wash and return these at your earliest convenience.

Spare Clothes: Winter has well and truly arrived! Please ensure that your child has a spare change of clothes, particularly socks and pants, in their school bag to change into if they get wet in the playground. 

Sibling Enrolments: If you have a child/ren who will be starting Prep in 2025, please contact the school office for an enrolment form. Prep enrolments are due by Friday the 26th of July. 

Upcoming Excursions and Camps:
Monday 24th June, Barwon Schools Young Leaders Conference 2024, selected students, no cost. 
– Monday 24th June, The Little Mermaid, Year 2,3,4 class, $24.
– Friday 27th July, Summer Lightning Premiership, Senior Class Students, $15. 
– Monday 12th – Wednesday the14th August, Cottage by the Sea Queenscliff Camp, Year 3-6 students, cost and relevant information will will be circulated via Compass next week. 

Student Awards

Congratulations to this weeks STAR STUDENTS! 

Lightning Premiership


On May 31, 11 students from Wangala went to South Barwon Reserve for the Lightning Premiership. Lightning prem is an opportunity for primary school students to play different sports like netball, soccer, basketball and volleyball against each other. It was wild to see other students from schools near us.

Wangala Primary School played 3 games and won 2 games. Big shout out to Cruz for scoring 10 goals altogether and Gordon for showing great resilience when he fell over while trying to kick the ball and made everyone laugh with him. The first game we got 4 goals and the other team scored 0. At our second game we lost against Highton 4-0, at our third game we won 12-0 and we got second place in the leaderboard and Highton won the finals. Good job to everyone that went to the Lightning prem.

Alex and Darcy


Two weeks ago, all of the 5/6 girls went to play netball at the Lightning Premiership. We travelled by bus after dropping off the soccer players and arrived at Geelong Sport Hub at 9:30am. We won our first game 7-2, our second game 7-1, our third game 10-2, and our fourth game 5-4. We did not win the final, but we are very proud of how we played and the results we got. 

Bethan and Victoria

Positive Behaviour Matrix Fortnightly Campaign

The positive behaviour campaign for this fortnight is, ‘we are kind and cooperative’.  Being kind and cooperative is an important part of building and maintaining relationships with people and in being a productive member of any community.  We discussed with students what it meant to be kind and cooperative, how it made us and others feel, and how people might feel when it doesn’t go right.  At Wangala Primary School we strive to empower children to be kind and cooperative toward others and to be ‘bucket fillers’.

We also teach students that there is an important difference between being obedient and being kind and cooperative.  We do not want our students to grow up being obedient and just doing anything anyone tells them to do.  In fact, if someone tells them to do something that is against their morals or values, we want them to have the confidence to say, ‘I’m sorry, that’s just not who I am.’

As the adults in our students lives, we all have the responsibility to model these values, to show kindness and be cooperative, to help our young people understand the importance.  As a school value, Wangala Primary School aims to build community minded students being mindful of their contributions to our local, wider and world-wide community.

How have you been kind and cooperative?


In OSHC recently we have been learning about our community and the land we live and learn on, Wadawurrung Land, and have been learning about Eddie Mabo and other important First Nations People. 

We’ve enjoyed getting outside in the fresh morning air and watching the sunrise and delighting in all the colours we can see in the sky. 

We also got into the kitchen to put together delicious platters and other snacks, with an honourable mention going to Hugo’s absolutely amazing ‘Healthy Apple Crumble Muffins’. Hugo led the way with the baking and assisted the younger students in following the recipe, measuring and mixing. The muffins were too good!

Writing in the Senior Classroom

The Senior Students have been continuing their writing to persuade by creating advertisements for a water bottle. They looked at a range of persuasive devices, and created ads that included logos, slogans, celebrity endorsement and emotive language.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to run the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at our school. This program not only teaches our students valuable life skills but also fosters a deep appreciation for healthy, homegrown food and sustainable living practices.

As a small school with a tight budget, we rely on the support of our community to ensure the success and continuation of programs just like this one. That’s why we’re reaching out to you with a humble request for donations.

Here are some items we are currently in need of:

  1. Beeswax: Beeswax is an essential ingredient for various projects in our kitchen garden program, from making natural beeswax wraps, to sealing chopping boards! 

  2. Cotton Material: We welcome donations of cotton material in any shape, size, or color! 

  3. Stockings: Stockings are a versatile item that can be repurposed for various gardening projects, such as creating supports for climbing plants or used in a DIY grass head activity! 

  4. Seedlings: Seedlings are the foundation of our kitchen garden program. Your donation of seedlings—whether herbs, vegetables, or fruits—will enable us to continue growing and harvesting delicious, nutritious produce with our students throughout the year.

  5. Fresh Seasonal Produce: We also welcome donations of fresh, seasonal produce from your own gardens. Your contributions will supplement our kitchen garden harvests and allow us to incorporate a diverse range of ingredients into our cooking and nutrition lessons.

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who choose to support our school and students through donations. Your generosity makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our students, empowering them to develop valuable skills and a lifelong love of gardening and healthy eating!

If you are able to donate any of the items listed above, please drop them off at reception during school hours. If you have any questions or would like more information about our kitchen garden program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you again for your support and generosity.

Kind regards,

Kim Dugan and Katherine Fanning

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Positive Behaviour Matrix